You Are Why We're Here

To celebrate its 100th anniversary, Georgia’s county association – ACCG – created a new Web site called “You Are Why We’re Here” to help educate citizens of all ages regarding the roles and functions of county government.

Many of these county functions are things you see every day, like fire protection, traffic signals, sheriff’s patrols, and drinkable water. Other functions of counties are less obvious.

Seen or unseen, one thing is for certain: life for citizens in Georgia (and across America) would be drastically different if county governments didn’t exist and didn’t provide so many necessary services.

Visit the website to understand the critically important role counties play in making your life better, safer and more convenient. If you’re like many people, you’ll be surprised to learn all the ways your county is here for you.

(This new online civic education tool was made possible with generous donor support through the Civic Affairs Foundation.)