Civic Solutions Fellowships

To be launched in 2015, this program will provide graduate students and recent master’s and doctoral level graduates with problem-focused fellowships working as teams in at-risk regions of Georgia that are facing multiple and systemic problems.

These interconnected and mutually reinforcing problems relate to poorly performing schools, low educational attainment, persistent unemployment and poverty, contraction of the economic base, lack of adequate health care treatment, growing incidences of a variety of diseases, dependence on government programs of assistance, and a host of other issues.

While these problems are found to some degree across the state, they are most acute in certain areas and regions.

The goal of this program will be to allow teams of graduate fellows, over a three year period, to engage in full-time, multi-jurisdictional, immersive work with civic and county officials to plan and undertake projects addressing these large and daunting issues.