Civic Impact Grants for Georgia High School Students

2014 will mark both the centennial anniversary of ACCG’s founding as well as the launch date for the organization into its second century of serving Georgia counties.

While still in the planning stages, the Civic Affairs Foundation will use this signature occasion to begin an ongoing program that will provide Civic Impact Grants for Georgia High School Students.


To foster civic engagement among Georgia high school students by providing them opportunities to create solutions for issues and problems facing their local communities and thereby be active and contributing citizens in improving their counties and state.


Program concept and guidelines

As initially conceived, with many program details still under consideration, the Foundation will work with partners to sponsor a statewide contest that encourages Georgia students to better understand their home counties and enable them to assume the duties of good citizenship.

Students eligible to participate will be enrolled in a public or private school, or certified home school, at the 10th, 11th or 12th grade. Other eligibility criteria will be developed.

The process will start with an application that: 1) identifies and describes a public issue/problem facing a student’s community and how it arose historically; and 2) proposes a project through which the student, as a young citizen, can make a positive contribution toward helping solve the issue/ problem. All applications will be made online using a defined format to help in comparing and judging proposals.

The contest will be judged by a panel of leading citizens and volunteers convened by the Foundation and partnering organizations. Details on judging process and criteria will be developed.


Elements of the student project proposals

A student application will identify and describe an issue or problem facing a neighborhood or community and propose a project to address or solve the problem. It also will include detailed descriptions of: the project plan of action, intended outcomes, ways to measure success, a process for reporting/sharing outcomes, the timeline for the project, and a proposed budget.

The proposal will require that an adult mentor be named who has agreed to help guide the student(s) in the project and be responsible for the grant funds.

A project can be proposed by an individual student or be developed by a team of students.


Sponsorship of the Program

Sponsoring partners for this statewide initiative are now being sought. Individuals, organizations, or businesses interested in helping advance civic engagement among young Georgians by partnering on this program should contact the Foundation at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.